Style Sweet 3D 784 Print Kyra AU Mural Wallpaper Wall Wall Murals Paper Wall 534b9bbwg7764-Wallpaper Murals

Style Sweet 3D 784 Print Kyra AU Mural Wallpaper Wall Wall Murals Paper Wall 534b9bbwg7764-Wallpaper Murals

Investment Advisers: Allison Lee Statement Re SEC Guidance Investment advisers, proxy services. – It is not often that I simply reprint a post from another source, in this case the SEC. However, I have filed this one under history of corporate governance. Coving SX16 70mm x 70mm Cornice Lightweight Ceiling XPS polystyrene from .50I may want to reference it as I an example of where the SEC formally misstepped. […]

3D Sweet Style 784  Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra

McRitchie 2019 proxy season results are not something I normally report. It feels too much like bragging. I do my work to drive better,3D tavola 09 Parete Murale Foto Carta da parati immagine sfondo muro stampa more accountable corporate governance. 3D Strada Erba 5 Parete Murale Foto Carta da parati immagine sfondo muro stampaHowever, the SEC’s Division of Corporate Finance is “considering recommending that the Commission propose rule amendments regarding the thresholds for shareholder proposals under Rule 14a-8.” It is […]

3D Tramonto Mare 139 Parete Murales Adesivi Decal Sfondamento AJ WALLPAPER IT · 3D Waldwasserfall 2 Mauer Murals Mauer Aufklebe Decal Durchbruch AJ WALLPAPER DE

More beta is what investors should focus on order to increase long-term returns, argue Jim Hawley and Jon Lukomnik in their paper,3D Windmill Flower 99 Wallpaper Mural Paper Wall Print Wallpaper Murals UK Carly The Long and Short of It: Are We Asking the Right Questions? – Modern Portfolio Theory and Time Horizons (download). That has also been the objective of Corporate Governance ( since 1995. I […]

Dual-Class Enablers – CII brings them from shadows to sunlight. Get out your disinfectant (your proxies) and vote against these directors both at dual-class companies (where your vote has little impact) AND at other companies where dual-class enablers also occupy board seats, 5 Pair Of 22 Inch Hardware Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slides, Full Availablefor now. Print out the list today and use it when voting your […]

Golden Peacock Award applications due August 31, 2019. Today, Boards are expected to focus on improving their effectiveness—not just their compliance, 3D Teichkarpfen 588 Tapete Tapeten Mauer Foto Familie Tapete Wandgemälde DEbut also Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance for long term sustainability and making their companies investor friendly.9817 - Concetto Brown Leaves Leaf Galerie Wallpaper Boards also require frameworks for optimizing board engagement and performance, enhancing the contribution of individual board […]

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ISG (Investor Stewardship Group), an investor-led initiative comprised of more than 60 of the largest U.S.-based institutional investors and global asset managers representing in excess of US$31 trillion AUM, Anti fatigue exercise mats foam gym floor flooring mat 48 sqft multi-color tilesjoins with the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance to hold what promises to be an informative and exciting conference. Register now. (more…)

I posted one of several responses to the following question on Quora: Do you find investing in the stock market a good investment strategy or a scam?3D Texturgrafiken 553 Tapete Tapeten Mauer Foto Familie Tapete Wandgemälde DE I thought my blog readers may also be interested in what I posted to Quora. Here it is with minor changesBernzomatic 20 Lb Empty Propane Refillable Tank Outdoor Barbeque Durable New. (more…)

3D Tief verwurzelt IST. 93 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DE Continue Reading · Busch-Jaeger 1746 10 Steel Fascia

The Making of a Democratic Economy: How to Build Prosperity for the Many, Not the Few by Marjorie Kelly, Ted Howard, Naomi Klein (Foreword).Chesapeake by Brewster ART25073 Brown Camille Texture Wallpaper Buy the book. As Naomi Klein notes in the Forward, We need to know what we are for as well as what we’re against… It’s not enough to imagine that another world is […]

Phelps’ Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change by Edmund S. Phelps.3D Sonne und wellen 3320 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DEImportant issues are discussed but the typology, especially the characterization and treatment of corporatism3D Tiger Beauty Painted Paper Wall Print Wall Decal Wall Deco Indoor Murals, is problematic. (more…)


Josh Levin of OpenInvest was kind enough to chat with me at Morningstar’s Investment Conference earlier this year. Unfortunately,3D Tokyo Ghoul 586 Japan Anime Wandaufkleber Vinyl Wandbilder Tapete DE I was busy and distracted but curious about Josh Levin and his investment platform. Could OpenInvest and similar firms disrupt the mutual fund industry? Andreessen Horowitz, YCombinator,3D Tropical Shrubs 45 Floor WallPaper Murals Wall Print 5D AJ WALLPAPER UK Lemon QED, and others back OpenInvest financially. I knew OpenInvest allows customers […]

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PetMed Express 2019 annual meeting is July 26th. To enhance long-term value. Vote AGAINST Campbell, Formica, Fulgoni, Korn and Schweitzer, Pay, & Auditor. Vote FOR Amend Bylaws and Eliminate Supermajority Provisions. (more…)

CalSTRS Corporate Governance Division Seeks Investment Officer II The CalSTRS Investments Branch seeks a motivated individual to work as an Investment Officer II in the Corporate Governance Division. 3D World Map 110 Kitchen Mat Floor Murals Wall Print Wall Deco AJ WALLPAPER AU Qualified readers should apply to this opportunity of a lifetime. Many decades ago, I helped persuade CalPERS to form a corporate governance unit. They chose one of […]

Tepper begins his book (with Hearn) by recounting United Airlines forcibly removing paying passenger Dr. David Dao, a Vietnamese-3D Tondo, farfalla 67 Parete Murale Carta da parati immagine sfondo muro stampaAmerican pulmonologist, from an overbooked plane. The video of him going unconscious and bloody went viral. United’s CEO initially blamed the passenger for resisting but later settled. Jonathan Tepper and Denise Hearn fail to mention Dr. Dao suffered a broken nose, loss […]

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Charles Schwab chronicles the history of his namesake firm in Invested: Changing Forever the Way Americans Invest. I knew he led a technological revolution and was among the first to slash prices. From A Nation of Small Shareholders,51165209 - City Life Béton Effet silver or Galerie Papier Peint I also knew Schwab was on a long-term mission to have every American share in our growing […]

Alphabet losers at the 2019 meeting were not only the unaffiliated shareholders but also are likely to be the insiders. As the last meeting before the Department of Justice begins potential anti-trust actions, our co-overlords Page and Brin, Abey Copper Pipe Bolted Clip Head 2Pcs, 25mmwho control 51.3% of the vote, should have embraced at least some of the changes requested by […]

SSgA critical of GHG short-term perspective offered up by oil and gas, mining and utility disclosures on addressing greenhouse gas emissions. Arts & Crafts Cup Pull (Set of 10) [ID 908495]If we are to maintain a salubrious environment, much of the coal and oil will turn out to be stranded assets. Given that reality, I reallocated most positions I had in this sector to […]

2019 CalPERS CalSTRS Diversity Forum lived up to its billing as a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders and experts on diversity and inclusion topics such as: The “Why” and “How” of driving diversity and inclusion Building and sustaining a positive corporate culture Human Capital Management metrics and their value to investors In the following […]

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Genomic Health 2019 annual meeting is June 13th. To enhance long-term value. Vote WITTHOLD all directors except Popovits & Parker;3D Tournesols 57 Photo Papier Peint en Autocollant Murale Plafond Chambre Art AGAINST Stock Plan, Pay, Auditor. Vote FOR Simple Majority Vote. (more…)

Tesla 2019 annual meeting is June 11. Enhance long-term value. Vote AGAINST Ehrenpreis, Omnibus Stock Plan, Auditor.3D train forest picture Wall Paper Print Decal Wall Deco Indoor wall Mural Vote FOR all other items.  (more…)

Prison labor disclosure was supported by shareholders at TJX, voting 38% of shares in favor of an initiative from NorthStar Asset Management at their June 4,3D Trauben, bluemen 1287 Wandbild Fototapete Bild Tapete Familie AJSTORE DE according to a preliminary vote report. See NorthStar’s rebuttal to Board’s opposition statement. (more…)

The Age of Living Machines: How Biology Will Build the Next Technology Revolution by Susan Hockfield provides a quick read of what is on the horizon.3D Tree Green Ceiling WallPaper Murals Wall Print Decal Deco AJ WALLPAPER AU The former president of MIT believes the convergence of biology and engineering  will be as transformative as the previous convergence of physics and engineering.3D Sunset Sky 413 Wallpaper Murals Wall Print Wallpaper Mural AJ WALL AU Summer (more…)

Style Sweet 3D 784 Print Kyra AU Mural Wallpaper Wall Wall Murals Paper Wall 534b9bbwg7764-Wallpaper Murals

Severyn Bruyn: Obituary Severyn Bruyn – On May 26, 2019, retired professor of Sociology at Boston College, Severyn Bruyn, passed away peacefully at age 91 with family at home in Newton. He leaves his beloved wife Louise Bruyn,3D Tree Painting 723 Wallpaper Mural Paper Wall Print Wallpaper Murals UK son George Bruyn and his wife June Epperson, daughter Rebecca Bruyn and her wife Cindy Rosenbaum, daughter […]

Cognizant 2019 annual meeting is June 4th. To enhance long-term value. 3D Tree Twig Sky 84 Ceiling WallPaper Murals Wall Print Decal Deco AJ WALLPAPERVote AGAINST Fox and Klein, pay & auditor. Vote FOR Political Disclosure and Independent Board Chair. (more…)

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Training for Sustainable Investing was a topic at the most recent Morningstar Conference in Chicago. (#MICUS) I would like to learn more the education of investment advisors in #ESG, #SRI, #corpgov issues.3D Trees Lakeside 753 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra Interest in sustainable investing was high at the conference due to fund flows and client inquiries. However, I only saw a couple of […]